Claudiu M. Burlan is my name, I’m 39 years old and I’m living in Arad Romania. I am the third generation of watchmakers in the family, my grand father and my father beeing watchmakers. Being raised between and with watches, I don’t think that I could choose another path than watchmaking, whitch, combined with my hobby – electronics – had created a good combination, I like to think, that’s why I followed the Fine Mechanic School from Arad, my practical training being made at Clock Factory “Victoria” Arad, and then, during Comunism, I worked into a fine mechanic factory, including military Field, in the same time fixing watches for my co workers.
After the Revolution, in 1991, I opened my own work shop, where I’m still working.
I tried during the time, and acomplished, to purchase tools of the best quality and to enlarge my services.
At the sime time, my permanet self improvement was a goal, that’s why in 2003 I had the privilege to participate at two trainings, for quartz watches and cronoraph, both mechanical and quartz in Switzerland.
During the time, I atracted a stabile clientele, to my services appealing clients from inside and outside the country, owners and watch (clock) collectors, and also watch dealers.